Regenerate Yourself Masterclass

Regenerate Yourself Masterclass, 2021

Own The Regenerate Yourself Masterclass expert advice today! Your access to these talks allows you to download or watch them online!

This 7-module, at-home “health regeneration” series (and complementary cooking, fitness and movement courses, among others) gives you the step-by-step, practical and actionable protocols you need to regenerate your health, just as your body was built to do!

Learn from iconic health guru, Sayer Ji, as he teaches “radical resiliency” — via cutting-edge scientific findings, ancestral wisdom and healthy, at-home practices — and how it can be used to help prevent, manage and/or recover from common health afflictions.


  • Unlimited access to all 7 Video Masterclasses
  • Additional (and brand new!): 5 Advanced Course Classes
  • Fitness Program Video Course w/ Hamad Shirazi
  • Cooking Class Series w/ Tania Melkonian (& bonus classes!)
  • Regenerate & Beyond: an iconic interview w/ Dr. Sachin Patel
  • Sayer & Dr. Joel Bohémier: 4-Interview Deep Dive
  • Regenerate Yourself Q&A recorded sessions w/ Sayer Ji
  • All downloadable PDF transcripts (& transcripts eBook)
  • Tons of expert bonus guides, books & programs

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