Nurture Mind Gut Dishes

Nurture your mind and gut with these dishes

Open Dr. Maya Shetreat’s Top 10 Gut-Brain Healing Dishes and discover tasty, nutrient-dense dishes designed to nurture your mind, microbiome and more!

—>>Download your free eCookbook, Top 10 Gut-Brain Healing Dishes!

Turbo charge your resistance and overall health and wellness with the power of phytonutrients, fermented veggies and entire foods.

Certain to please and simple to create, the following recipes will maintain you and your loved ones satisfied and when driving to better health and wellness:

Red Cabbage Salad
Sauteed Kale
Roast Poultry with Veggies
Roast Broccoli with Garlic
Bone Brew
Grass-Fed Roast
Poultry Soup
Fermented Veggies
Happiness Spheres
Warm Cocoa

Do not marvel if someone requests a dish! Enjoy!

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You can truly start on better health and wellness today!

P.S. Do not lose out on Dr. Maya’s tasty Top 10 Gut-Brain Healing Dishes, when you open them currently!

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